The story of company: When the dreams come true

Company Lubomir UNAR is the czech firm from Bystřice pod Hostýnem, their main business is the retail sale of furniture, upholstery manufacturing and trading business in the field of materials for upholstery and footwear production. Mr. Lubomir Unar started after the Velvet revolution with a small transport company with one truck. He provided transport services for furnishing companies. So he peeked in a field that atrracted him.
Just two years later he had opened a furniture shop in Bystřice and now he runs a thriving business, with its own corporate strategy. Thanks to integration of activities, the quality of its products and services, but also the speed and reliability it is successfully managed to cope with the onslaught of competing firms.

We are very pleased that Mr. Unar cooperated with us and we had the opportunity to include his company among our Czech partners. We could had tried the supplied bed MARIOT and its quality by ourselves. And the value for money was a great surprise for us.