CANAPé Decor

The company CANAPé Decor has operated in the market since 2006 and it deals with construction, design and decorating activities. They offer a wide range of housing textiles - decorative and upholstery fabrics, curtains, shading technique, carpets, wallpaper, bedding, stuffed blankets and pillows and related services (design, targeting, assembly, sewing, installation, ...). They cooperate with the best architects. They help with selecting quality materials for all interiors.

Living Showroom and CANAPé Decor

For screening our Living Showroom, we have chosen a type of blackout curtains that are light tight. They are mounted in a minimalist metallic rails and they are manually operated.
For bedding, we selected damask linen made from the finest combed yarns 100% cotton; it offers a comfortable feel and elegant look. Perfect design sheets are high quality and it has a long durability. Everything is in a simple white color.
In the bathrooms, there were selected terry towels with bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial properties – it eliminates about 70% of bacteria from the surface. Comfort of bamboo towels provides huge water absorption; this absorption is up to 4 times higher than standard terry towels.