Our Partners

First of all we would like to thank our partners - suppliers, without whom the project Living Showroom wouldn't have been possible. Their cooperation was absolutely crucial for us. The partner network is chosen with regard to product quality, good reputation and friendly negotiations. Portfolio of our suppliers consists of renowned Czech companies as well as foreign suppliers:

Do you want to join Living Showroom project as a partner?

Producers and suppliers of interesting design and products of high crafted quality will gain great unique opportunity to showcase their samples in real living. Hundreds of our accommodated guests will have a first-hand expierence of your products.

Our partner network is constantly expanding and we are currently looking for partners to build another showroom Prague centre. If you are a retailer of electronics, furniture or other interior equipment and you are interested in our project, please don't hesitate and contact us.
We are looking foward to meet you, introduce you the whole concept of Living showroom in detail and inform you a bout our future view. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@livingshowroom.cz.