Company, that gladden your heart

HERZ Armaturen is the only Austrian and one of the leading European manufacturers of thermostatic valves and fittings for heating systems and piping. It has seven manufacturing facilities in Europe, as well as numerous subsidiaries and offices worldwide. Decades of experience and specialization in the field of heating and control technology forms the basis for the successful development of new products.

Why we have chosen company Herz?

The company interested us by its modern design and by favourable prices. At the same time it is not too widespread and well-known supplier of batteries for the general customers, that we think it's a pity due to their wide supply. So we would like to enrolled this producer to the larger public consciousness.
The biggest advantage of their water pipe is a speed of assembly. The hose is unraveling in a row, thus it is not necessary to weld each tubes and thereby it also reduces the amount of risk bearing joints significantly.
 We have chosen tap from a  Fresh series, water pipes PE-RT pipes and valves HERZ.