Living Showroom
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Reconstruction of gallery house laundry into cozy mini apartment 21 m2.

What is the Living Showroom project about?

Living showroom is a unique concept, which presents possibilities of modern living. Architects and manufacturers got together to build a fully functional apartment that you can personally experience.

" Amazing use of space ... perfection, simplicity, style. "
Katka Tomášková
" Interior of the appartment is unique. I did really enjoy to stay. The building is old-school whereas the appartment is located, however it seems it is under construction.“ "
Bendek Kis, Hungary
" Habitable showroom is world unique, you can not find a similar project. "
MF DNES , Lenka Šklubalová
" Miniature apartment has everything that one person could need, and also it boasts with spectacular views. ", Jana Nesvadbová
" Beauty, simplicity, functionality - great, and the bed! "
Veronika Mesárošová
" An example of "small is more"! "
Nilly a Karin, Estonia

Projects of Living Showrom

Brno Lidická                                    price: 1 400 CZK / night

architekti navrhli výjimečný byt

  • Type of space: loft
  • Area: 21 m2
  • The method of adjustment: reconstruction + complete equipment by made-to-measure furniture
  • Costs of reconstruction: 180 000 CZK
  • Costs of equipment: 240 000 CZK
  • Detailed information about the project
Brno Běhounská                                             we are preparing

Praha Jakubská                                             we are preparing

Furnishings that you will try

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Team of architects and engineers of Living Showroom

Who are the architects of the project?

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Living Showroom Brno Lidická - price 1 400 CZK / night
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If you will decide for further cooperation with the team of Adam Rujbr Architects or with one of our partners, we will give you refund for one night.
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