I want to try Living Showroom out

Are you interested in philosophy or design of our Living Showroom? If so, you can come to try it out on your own. We invite you to visit the "living showroom" in Brno Lidická Street. It is allowed to touch and try all of the "exposed" home accessories and vice versa, it is recommended to check things out.

You have 2 opportunities for visiting Living Showroom:

• book a free tour 

     - Tel.nr.:  +420 733 127 639
     - or by email info@livingshowroom.cz

• book an accomodation

    - via booking form 
    - by phone +420 731 616 151
    - price: 1400 CZK/night
    - Please read our accomodation rules

Booking form

Free night

If you will decide for further cooperation with the team of Adam Rujbr Architects or with one of our partners, we will give you refund for one night.