TECE company was founded in 1955 and its essence comes from practice. The company was founded by transformation from engineering offices. TECE produces and sells its technological solutions across Germany and the whole world.
It produces pipe systems, pre-wall systems, water technologies and drainage systems.

The customer is always right

TECE company prides itself on long-term relationships with their customers. They know that practice is the best source of information for product innovation,so they regularly engages their customers in the development and innovation procedures. This philosophy is very close to ours. Our centerpiece of the project is also the customer's experience and his satisfaction.

Use of the control button TECE in Living Showroom

When we were selecting the control buttons we were approached by a large selection of design controls from the TECE Company, apart from the competition they enable to nicely align driver with lining, because it is not bounding by redundant element of the frame. Unlike the Geberit products, these products are not well known and therefore their visibility is beneficial.