Living Showroom Brno Lidicka

In the beginning was an architect Adam Rujbr and his idea of improvement and innovative use of former laundry in the balcony house in the city center. Roof space seemed interesting also because of the nice view of the city. The owners of the house agreed with rebuilding the former laundry to a living space and rented it for this purpose.

Living Showroom Pohled 1

Location of Living Showroom Lidická

Apartment building dated back to the early 20th century is located in courtyard houses in Lidicka street. When you climb the stairs and meet other tenants of the house, you can feel the atmosphere of the First Republic. The apartment has great view to the east part of Lesna or across of Cerna Pole, you can see also an oldest park in Brno - Luzanky. The city center is 3 tram stops away from the apartment, but the location is very quiet.

Architectural concept

The apartment is furnished very "functionalist". The architects have to think every small detail through in the limited space 21 m2. That’s why for example the shower, separated with frosted glass, is also used as the corridor lighting. It was necessary to put siphon in the wall, to the cabinet under the sink, so it don’t occupies space in the closet under the sink, into which residents of the apartment might store something. Desk is tilting and chairs reclining to fulfill eating, working and relaxing function. You can try all the furnishings in practice. Despite the need to save space, the apartment has also a guest room. It was created under the sloping roof and it is really just for one person's overnight stay.
Reconstruction of the laundry also meant a complete insulation, demolition of the front wall, installation of a glass wall, a roof window, a new front door, walling of new partitions, tiles, floor tiles, oak floors, cleaning original brick walls, installation of a stove, installations, electricity, water, waste, new plaster, installation of heat pumps air/air, air conditioning, underfloor heating, TV, internet and installation of a sanitary equipment. Delivery of furniture consisted of the delivery of atypical furniture customized in design combining oak veneered panels, white lacquered parts, a black colored MDF board, a characteristic furniture from ecological leather. Lights are mostly in a form of LED strips. There is also high tech audio/video.

Living ShowroomLiving Showroom - Pohled do koupelnyLiving Showroom - sklopený pracovní stůlLiving Showroom - Konferenční a jídelní stolek

The cost of reconstruction reached amount CZK 180 000 and equipment costs were 240 000 CZK. Total costs together reached amount 420 000 CZK. The total reconstruction took 3 months. An important aspect of this project is friendliness to nature, sustainability and independence of the Living Showroom on resources, not only energy but also water. Living Showroom in Brno Lidicka has its own fireplaces and a water well, so comfort is ensured even in case of power failure.
Living Showroom Brno Lidicka was inaugurated on June 11, 2013 as the first Living Showroom in the world.


If you are interested in try this rare example of residential architecture, book a tour or overnight accommodation at this design apartment.